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Do you want a Website?

I can do a site for you- For Cheap!

Often at the tracks, I get asked if I can do web sites for teams and it was something I never gave much thought too.  But after updating my site and building one for Bobby Taylor, I thought heck, if someone wants one of these sites like mine or Bobby's, I would love to do it.  My goals are to create a simple, user friendly site that is within the realm of our racing.  Our racing is not our career, so a site as flashy as Dale Jr.'s is over kill.  At the same time, we are budget racers and I know first hand any extra money we have, gets put into the racecars.  So I think I have come up with a nice template for sites that look good, help with sponsors, are user friendly, and are cheap.

I can have your site off and running for $125.  This will include your domain name (i.e.: www.MarkJones11.com) and file hosting. The site will have a similar flavor of Bobby Taylor's.  If you wanted something more along the lines of my site (http://brianswiger.com), I can do that too, but it will cost a little more.

From you, I will need pictures, pictures, and pictures!  I will also need any requests you have for your linked pages in your menu, for example "News, Photos, Schedule, Team, Bio..."  Most menus are standard, but if you want anything unique, let me know.  Please provide me with all sponsor info you would like displayed, driver bio, career stats- any information you want on the site.

If you would like to have weekly updates to your website such as this:


I would need a race recap email and any photos of that week's action.  I am sorry I can't write the recap, but I will be racing too!  I will update your news page, current schedule/ results, and create the recap from what you provide.  My weekly fee per update is $15 dollars.

If you would like to handle this all online, you can purchase your website online via a credit card thru Paypal.  If you have any questions, email me at brianswiger@yahoo.com.


Website Service

Only $125