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Shamrock Inn


Vegas Radio


Walrus Signs

Shamrock owners Bobby and Maureen Taylor have been awesome sponsors on the Thunderbird the last two years.  The Shamrock Inn was my first ever official sponsor and without them, I wouldn't have been able to race the past two years.  Aside from the sponsorship deal, Bobby and Maureen are great friends who are always there to help with anything.  Bobby, although he hates to admit it, has even turned a few wrenches on the Ford, as well as cleaned it up, and prepped tires for me.  Even though Bobby sponsors me and we are great friends, when the green flag drops, there is nobody I want to beat more than Bobby, and there is no other car Bobby wants to beat more than my Ford.

So I encourage everyone to drop in the Shamrock Inn located right near the Speedway.  Bobby has a nice bit of NASCAR history, as well as local Hagerstown racing history behind the bar.  The NASCAR races and many sporting events are always on the many TVs and the ice cold beer and great food is the best in the area!

Click on the logo above to be directed to the Shamrock Inn Website.  To visit Bobby Taylor's racing site, click here.

  Buddy Riser, owner and operator of Vegas Radio just happens to be my neighbor!  Between running Vegas Radio, assisting 98 Rock, and working his full time job, Buddy would often wander down to my garage where Don and I would be covered in dirt and oil working on the car.  One day out of the blue, Buddy asked "So how would I go about sponsoring you?" And my second official sponsor was on board!

Buddy and I have become great friends helping each other out on our lawns and this deal has just been great.  Buddy even sweetened the deal by inviting me to do a weekly radio show with him at 7:15 AM on Friday mornings during the racing season to give updates on the #7 Shamrock Inn/ Vegas Radio Ford Thunderbird.  Archives of each show are located here: 

Vegas Radio Interviews

Vegas Radio offers live streaming broadcasts.  Vegas Radio's format is a unique blend of the early years of rock and roll.  Click on the logo above to be directed to the Vegas Radio Website!

  Walrus signs and Embroidery will again help design and cut our vinyl decals for our sponsors in 2008.  Walrus Signs has been with the #7 team for two years now.  We will also hopefully be switching over to their embroidery for items in our online store.  Walrus Signs' decal is featured on the entire rear firewall inside the car.

Walrus Signs and Embroidery is located in Hagerstown, MD and can be reached at 301-791-4544 or by email.  They offer a wide range of services from vinyl decals to custom clothing such as hats and T-shirts.