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10/26/08    Shriver & Swiger Team up for 7th at Winchester 200 CLICK HERE

10/26/08    Swiger Drives #3 Shamrock Inn Chevy to 10th at Winchester 200 CLICK HERE

  8/09/08    Solid Top 10 After Month Break CLICK HERE

  6/29/08    Great Start, Weak Finish Places the T-Bird in 10th CLICK HERE

  6/21/08    Perseverance Rewarded with 12th Place Finish CLICK HERE

  5/24/08    Finally!  6th Place Finish Puts Fire Back in Team 7 CLICK HERE

  5/17/08    Mother Nature Takes Checker Flag Again! CLICK HERE

  4/12/08    Strike 3: Another Part Failure Makes Swiger Racing 0-3 in New Year  CLICK HERE

  4/05/08    Opening night sees Deja Vu from 2007 CLICK HERE

  1/25/08    Looking for Final 2008 Sponsor!  CLICK HERE

  1/24/08    The 2008 Season is Close- Here is the Off-season Update!  CLICK HERE

10/31/07    New 2008 Brian Swiger Website Launched!

  9/22/07    Swiger Goes Wrong Way at Shamrock Inn Nationals  CLICK HERE

  9/14/07    7-7-7: Team 7 Strong in 7th Place Run  CLICK HERE

  9/08/07    Fast Car, But Penalty Too Much to Overcome CLICK HERE

  9/01/07    Ran Out of Gas #$@$!@!#  CLICK HERE

  8/11/07    Swiger Survives Carnage to Finish 12th  CLICK HERE

  6/02/07    Ford Thunderbirds Fly into Top Five  CLICK HERE

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