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Sports Plus DVD of 6/02/07


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09/25/10 Feature  -Winchester, started 12th, finished 7th in the Shriver's Chevy Monte Carlo #05.

09/25/10 Practice  -Winchester, practice in the Shriver's Chevy Monte Carlo #05.

10/26/08 Feature  -Winchester, started 13th, finished 10th in the Shamrock Inn Chevy Monte Carlo.  Lost camera after lap 3.

8/9/08 Feature  -Hagerstown, started 1st, slid to 8th.  Lacked forward bite.

6/29/08 Feature  -Hagerstown, (BUMPER CAM!) started 1st after winning heat, finished 10th.  Lacked forward bite.

9/08/07 Feature  -Hagerstown, (helmet cam again) started 14th, sent to rear (24th), and worked back to 16th.  WARNING! Some very strong language. I didn't know to remove that part of the video or not. I did reduce the volume by 80% though.  My actions seem childish after the fact, but in the heat of the moment, sometimes you get upset. I am out there to win and run good.  This penalty had a huge impact on our season's point finish.

8/25/07 Feature  -Hagerstown, (helmet cam again) started 14th, overheated and spun on lap 14th.  Finished 20th.

Helmet Cam videos from 8/11/2007:

8/04/07 360 spin clip

8/04/07 Feature -Hagerstown, spun on lap 5 because of stuck throttle

6/02/07 Feature, 10 laps led Here  -Hagerstown

6/02/07 Practice and Heat Win Here -Hagerstown

Sports Plus DVD of 6/02/07 Heat Win and Race is online Click Here

10/14/2006 Winchester - 9/16/2006 Winchester VA Nationals- wreck in heat race

9/02/2006 - Potomac.  Driver is Steve Kent.  First race with our new sponsor, and sponsor of our In-Car Camera.  Please enjoy the "Shamrock Inn-Car Camera! "

7/29/2006 - 7/29 Cumberland.  Finished 7th. 

7/22 and 7/23/2006 - 7/22 Hagerstown.  Finished 10th.  Ran second all night then car went away, watch the push coming out around lap 10.  Heat race also included from Hagerstown, finished 3rd.  7/23 Cumberland.  Finished 7th.  Started 10th, dropped to 13th, came on strong, ran out of laps.  This video is great racing both nights.

7/08/2006 - Hagerstown.  Finished 12th.  Had a rough heat, the car was awful loose in.  Also got freight trained at start by Hans, Warrenfeltz, Taylor, just about everyone.  I started on the outside and couldn't get down.  Qualified thru consi race.  Started 22nd in feature, finished 12th.  The video is pretty good.  Lots of action.  Our car was fast, you can see we ran with the #3 car all night, he is always 1 or 2 cars ahead of us tonight.  He ended up 7th, and we were 12th.  Again, the car was fast, I am just still learning to get thru traffic and still working on the set up.

7/01/2006 - Hagerstown.  Finished a dismal 17th.  About the video.  We are on the outside pole.  About lead lap 1, but you can hear the tires spin all the way down the front stretch and I was all over the place and Hans got me.  As you can see, the Tbird wouldn't turn on exit on 2 and 4, and you can hear we are having forward bite issues again.  I could burn' em all the way down each straight away.  The track is very rough again and causing camera issues.  I am going to need a space shuttle camera if the track doesn't smooth out!  Then, because of the bumps, it turns off "Record" about mid race.  you all know I spun out and I am not too embarrassed to show that, the video recorder just quit!  But we battle good for a while with Mark, Hans, and Darren.  I spun it around lap 12 I think running 4th?  Went to 18th and finished 17th.  They went green when I was in turn two, I never had time to catch up to field.  Motor wouldn't re-fire and I wish they would have allowed us to pace one more lap.

6/24/2006 - Hagerstown.  Finished 5th.  Led 6 laps.  Made about 4 mistakes and cost me 4 spots.  Track is rough and causes camera to scramble.  First top 5 though!

6/10/2006  -Williams Grove.  Finished 18th of 19th.  tough night.  Clutch broke in feature.  Did a wall ride in heat.  Finished 18th of 19.  Recap up tomorrow.  About the video... terribly dusty, can't see 1 car length ahead... it isn't the camera, that is how bad the view was... you can't see on the straights... crazy.  I missed the initial green flag... was trying to push record on the camera.  notice how the camera turns on and we are going green.  I passed a bunch of cars, perhaps 5 during the wreck, yet they let everyone get their spot back!  on the next restart, as soon as I wheel them in and going high around someone, the clutch breaks.

6/03/2006 (edited)- GREAT VIDEO.  Finished 12th (31 cars), 40 MB, 10 minutes (note: ran power off car's power and created horizontal lines. will be fixed next week.  Also, left it in black and white by mistake)

6/03/2006 (unedited)- finished 12th (31 cars), video is UNEDITED, 110 MB, 30 minutes.  (note: ran power off car's power and created horizontal lines. will be fixed next week.  Also, left it in black and white by mistake)  Want to see what a racecar driver's night is like?  This video is great because you see everything, from cautions to frustrations.  I love this camera angle, THIS is what it is like to race... you basically see what I see.  Couple notes, when we go green the first time, that is a BIG wreck at the start.  The 02 was on the pole and you will see her and the 19 wreck to the left.  Close call for us, I knew the front end made it thru, but I wasn't sure if someone would get us in the rear end.  Then on the next restart, I get loose coming out of turn 2 and slap the wall about 3 times.  Have no idea how we didn't cut a tire!  So the video is good... I am working on editing it and getting it down to about half that size, but I think this video is really interesting because you can see what an entire night is like.

5/27/2006 - finished 11th, laps 1-15, motor chokes at start, lost 10 spots (started 3rd), then no forward bite.

5/06/2006 - finished 10th, laps 5-15, battle is for 8th, 9th, 10th.