Driver/ Owner: Brian Swiger 

Home: Brunswick,  MD  

Born: December 8, 1974           

Age: 32 

Height: 5’10 Weight: 160 lbs 

Family: Clayton (son), age 9,

Alisha & Keirsten

Occupation: Engineer


Shamrock Inn

1520 AM Vegas Radio

Walrus Signs & Embroidery

Don Sharkey

Rick Lawracy

XLR8 Autosports

Roy Anderson Racing


1986 Ford Thunderbird

351W by A & C Machine

400+ HP/ 400+ lbs of torque

Crew Chief:  Don Sharkey


Feature Starts:  32

Wins:  0

Top 5’s:  2

Top 10’s:  12

Heat Wins:  1

Best Finish:  4th  June 2, 2007


My racing career began two years ago at the Hagerstown Speedway on Fireworks night in July 2005.  The motor blew on the first night, but we didn’t quit!  I became interested in racing as a young teenager during the rise of NASCAR in the 1990's.  After graduating from Brunswick High School in 1993, I attended Emory & Henry College near the Bristol Motor Speedway.  My first experience seeing stock cars was walking into the Bristol Motor Speedway during Winston Cup practice on April 8, 1994.  I just remember walking in, grabbing the chain link fence in turn 4, and my jaw dropping.  I just knew I had to drive a racecar. 

My racing career is not the typical story.  I did not grow up around racing or even cars.  After the experience at Bristol, I was just determined to somehow get into a racecar.  My first opportunity was through a few NASCAR driving experiences such as Monster Racing at Dover Delaware.  Pulling out of the pits for the first time (after I stalled the car 3 times!), I knew this was something I had to do.  For nearly 10 years I continued these driving experiences, but I was very far from competing with my own car in an actual race.   

In 2004, after my Bristol practice experience 10 years earlier, I met a local Pure Stock driver, Steve Kent through my son Clayton.  Steve and his father were die hard Ford guys racing a Chevy Malibu.  They decided to sell the Malibu and begin building their dream Pure Stock car- a Ford Thunderbird.  During construction, Steve's dad decided to move Steve up to the Limited Late Model division and the car remained unfinished.  Steve and I struck a deal to finish the Thunderbird and get me behind the wheel.  I will never forget the role Steve played that allowed me to complete my dream of racing.

Through two seasons, my racing has seen its ups and downs.  We have gone from not qualifying for races to racing for wins.  On June 2, 2007 we battled veterans such as Mark Jones, Mike Warrenfeltz, and Hans Stamberg for the win.  We led over 10 laps, but a late race caution found us banging wheels with Mark Jones and we came up a little bit short.  But as determined as I was to break into racing, I am that determined to get my first win!  – Brian  8/25/2007




Driver:  Bobby Taylor 

Home:  Clear Spring,  MD  

Born:  August 11, 1959           

Age:  48 

Height:  5’7 

Weight:  155 lbs 

Business:  Shamrock Inn



Shamrock Inn

Anderson Racing

Sweetsies Ice Cream

Smith  Racing Engines


Dean Mellott

Sign Design Inc

Kline Construction

C  Denny Durboraw

Bobby Taylor (also known as Earnhardt) became interested in racing as a small child through the influence of his Step-Dad, Raymond Kincheloe, and his interests in NASCAR.  As a child he would go to Bristol and watch the races since it was very close to where he was raised as a child in the mountains of Virginia (White Top Mountain).   

He has raced go-karts for 8 years.  He was Track Champion at State line Speedway in Va.  He  raced WKA State and National Championship races series, which included Daytona, FL, Margarettesville Raceway in NC, Beechnut Race Way in TN, Capital City Speedway, Amelia Raceway in VA, Shippensburg Speedway, Hunterstown Raceway, Seling Grove,  and Silver Spring Speedway in Pa.

In 2005, he started racing at Hagerstown Speedway in the pure stock division.  He only raced half of the year.  He purchased his 1987 Monte Carlo and made it the Number 3 car after Dale Earnhardt Sr.  It was a trial and error year with a lot of learning on how to set up your car, getting the staggering of the wheels correctly and etc.   

In 2006, he finished in 7th place in points missing the first race due to a death in the family.  He had been consistent in racing and still learning about the car.  He had named his car at this point Buford. 

In 2007, he is currently in 5th place in points.  He is known this year as the “Intimidator” after Dale Earnhardt.  Earlier this year he had totaled his car due to the throttle sticking and hit the guardrail totaling the car.  He had the front end rebuilt and with a lot of work, he  was able to make it to his next race within two weeks. 

Bobby’s goals are to win a race.  He has been so close.  He will continue to race Hagerstown Speedway, and maybe one day win the Pure Stock Championship!




DRIVER:  Stephen Kent Jr.

HOMETOWN: Libertytown, MD

BORN: February 17,1977

AGE: 28

HEIGHT: 5’11”

WEIGHT: 195lbs

BUSINESS: XLR8 Autosports




SKS Diesel

9973 Green Valley Road

Union Bridge, MD 21791


Sign Creations

Thurmont, Maryland


Stephen became interested in racing as a small child through the influence of his father and his interests in NASCAR motor sports.  His “need for speed” really became apparent when he began racing in the ATV motocross division and won one race and finished in the top five in six out of ten races for the season.  After seeing that Stephen was a “natural” on the raceway and had the competitive edge that it takes to succeed as a racer, his father, Steve Kent Sr., invested in a stockcar.   

In 2002, he entered the competitive world of stock car racing at the Hagerstown Speedway.  His first season had its ups and downs, but in the end, he finished seventh overall out of twenty-six competitors. 

In 2003, Stephen continued to race his stock car, after having seen his share of thrills and spills, he finished the season with five heat wins, one second place finish, five top fives, and three top tens. 

In 2004, he purchased a Limited Late Mode racecar.  However, he did not compete that season, instead he spent his time at the shop working on the new race car, testing it, and preparing and regrouping for the upcoming 2005 season. 

In 2005, Stephen raced 10 races with 4 top five finishes and a second place finish in his 1998 Mastersbuilt Late Model with a Ford 650hp engine.  He had a great time racing the late model, but realized that the chassis was a bit outdated.  Nonetheless, it was a great learning experience for Stephen. 

Stephen is preparing to race a 2004 Mastersbuilt Late Model with a Ford 700hp engine for the upcoming 2006 racing season.  He looks back at how well he did in the older model racecar and feels that a championship is in sight for the upcoming season with the help of his newer racecar but more importantly his expertise behind the wheel.  In February 2006, Stephen is attending Mike Duvall’s Super Late Model Racing School in South Carolina where he will learn professional skill level driving techniques and chassis set up. 

Stephen intends to race 16 races for the point’s championship at the Hagerstown Speedway this upcoming season.  He is geared up for winning the championship this year, so gear up and join in on the fun and excitement.




Driver: Donnie Smith 

Home: Fredericksburg, VA

Born: August 9, 1972       

Age: 35

Height: 5’8 Weight: 175 lbs 

Family: Wife Jennifer, Children Carley 7, Lucy 3

Occupation: Manager, Midas Auto Service



Hidden Acres Farm

Midas Auto Service

R.E. Sullivan Trucking

Edmund’s Garage




1985 Chevy Monte Carlo

with small block engine




2005 Hagerstown, Rookie

2006 Hagerstown, 14th

2007 Potomac, 5th


I grew up around racing watching and helping my father and uncle race.  My younger  brother Dale races, as well as my cousin Johnny Smith.  We all grew up around Dorsey Speedway.  After many years of watching them, Ernie Jones put together a raffle at Potomac Speedway to drive a Hobbystock.  Well I got to drive it twice.  Had one hell of a time.

So from there my Dad helped me build my first car and we started racing at Hagerstown Speedway in August of 2005.  We raced Hagerstown again in 2006 and switched to Potomac Speedway in 2007, where we finished the season 5th in points.  My crew consists of friends and family including my wife Jennifer, Dad, BJ, MJ, JR, Josh, Mike, Buddy, Bruce, Billy and Tricky Ricky Edmonds. 

My racing goals are to race at as many tracks as I can and along the way, have fun and  win a few. I’d love to win the Southern Maryland Nationals at Potomac Speedway.