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Fast Car, But Penalty Too Much to Overcome

9/08/2007 - Hagerstown - Finished 16th - Started 14th - 33 cars

The Shamrock Inn-Car Helmet Cam was back in action Saturday night.  Click the picture for the edited video. 

WARNING! Some very strong language. I didn't know to remove that part of the video or not. I did reduce the volume by 80% though.  My actions seem childish after the fact, but in the heat of the moment, sometimes you get upset. I am out there to win and run good. All drivers and teams put in a lot of money and effort and we all want to run upfront.  I take testour racing seriously. I treat each race like it is the Daytona 500.  Please understand that and respect my desire to win and run good. I am not out there just to make laps. I will not be the typical 'vanilla NASCAR' driver you see a lot of today.  My car was fast and I had an honest shot at a solid finish. A solid finish would have put Don and I in the top 10 in points on the year- and that meant a trophy!  That penalty had a huge impact on our season.

So enough with the disclosures! 

Sure enough, the car was a rocket.  Tried to go for the lead in the heat race on the top side after starting 4th.  Track wasn't ready for that and I slid.  Ended up back to 6th.  Contact between two cars in turn 4 on the same lap, found us checking up and back to the rear!  Put hammer down to qualify and finished 6th.

Feature saw us initially starting 14th.  A lap one incident in turn 4 saw guys have flat tires.  It was unaudible on the radio if the official said 7 had a flat or not.  I stopped to ask a track official and was sent to the rear for stopping.  Car was decent for a few laps and went from 24th to 16th.

Just really happy with the car right now- everything from the motor, to the chassis, to the brakes are working great.  A little luck on our side and we will be back up front, I promise.  Look for a good run Friday night, September 14th as a tune up to the Shamrock Inn Small Car Nationals on the following Saturday the 22nd.


Helmet Cam 3