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Out of Gas #@$%@#$%

9/01/2007 - Hagerstown - Finished 16th - Started 21st - 31 cars

Actually was having a good night.  I ran 7th in the heat so I didn't qualify yet.  Ended up on pole in the consy with Bobby Taylor (3 car) on outside. Motor stumbled when we went green.  Bobby got the lead and the 18 went with him.  18 passed the 3, then I was glued to the 3's bumper.  Almost had the 3 at the checkers, nose was at his window.  3 car is a pretty good measuring stick.   

 I still had no brakes all night, that is rough.  getting all new brakes this week + turning the rotors.  I got the chassis handling perfectly.  Just kept getting closer and closer and fine tuning it with LR bite and I am really happy.  The big difference or the thing I learned Saturday was how important it is to work on your tires.  Those new tires we had, after the intitial cut and sipe and week after buff, I hadn't touched them.  Well I grinded them and conditioned them and WOW!  I put that RR on for the consy after pretty much being junk in the heat (started 6th, finished 7th) and holy smokes, around mid corner, it felt like that RR just planted and it felt like I was ripping the tire off the wheel.  100% forward bite, it was just awesome.    Then for the feature, same deal... until about lap 10 and the tire QUIT.  I must of abused it in the consy and feature.  But I charged from 21st to 12th with 5 to go. 

Then the kicker happened.  I ran out of gas on lap 12 or 13.  Got down to 3 psi of fuel pressure.  It took all I had to get to the end of the race.  As I got the car in my garage, the motor quit on Sunday.   So I have had just about every failure I could have this year.  The reason it ran out of fuel was I forgot I worked the track in for them and I had to run the consy.  I burnt 10 gallons of fuel Saturday night!

@!@#$@#$ FORDS like to drink! 

But the car was really good.  Again, all new brakes this week, I already have power washed the tires and grounded 2 of them.  6 more to do.  We should be a rocket Saturday night.