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Great Start, Weak Finish Places the T-Bird in 10th

6/29/2008 - Hagerstown - Finished 10th - Started 1st - 30 cars - In Car Video

In Car Video:  6/29/08 Feature -Hagerstown, (BUMPER CAM!) started 1st after winning heat, finished 10th.

The Killer B's, Brian and Bobby had solid nights.  Both Shamrock cars were heat winners and salvaged top 10 finishes despite handling and motor problems respectively.  I battled forward bite off the corners and Bobby broke a rock arm stud.  For the first time in 2008, the In Car Camera made an appearance and I chose a new angle- the camera was "bumper" cam!  I feel it turned out okay, unfortunately all the action happened right in front of me Sunday night.  You can still see some crazy 3 wide action going on behind me and beside me and how much the cars move around the track, so it is an interesting video.

We ended up racing Sunday night this week because we were rained out Saturday night and the Speedway set Sunday night as the rain date for fireworks.  The weather looked threatening leading up to the scheduled 6 PM start, but as the evening progressed, the beautiful blue skies opened up and Bogity, Bogity, Bogity, it was time to go Dirt Racin'!


This week was a lot less hectic compared to last week, but we still had some obstacles to overcome.  I felt during the feature last week the engine had a "vibration" so the first order of business was to see where that was coming from.  I thought it could be in the driveline so I checked all the gear oil in the gear box and rear end and it was good.  We fired up the car and the noise is even much worse outside the car than inside.  We check plugs and wires and cleaned up the distributor and still no luck.  With 'Mighty' Joe Rodgers on hand, we decided to clean and adjust the carburetor and that was the answer.  With the car and motor ready to go, it was time to change to the practice tires and see how she felt.

Sun shinning brightly during practice as the rain stayed away


Practice went good and the car was fast.  So fast, I joked with Don, "Leave the practice tires on, she is hooked up!"  We took some stagger measurements and decided to put the tires we had set aside for the feature on for the heat race.  We were starting on the pole and with our "good" tires on the car, we knew we would be strong in the qualifying race.


After some mix up in the initial lineup, we ended up being on the pole for the third heat race.  The Thunderbird powered at the drop of the green and lead start to finish securing our first heat win of the season.  I tried to lose it on the white flag lap as I sailed it into turn 1 a little too hot.  I pushed up and a car got under me.  The 93B of Steve Lowery and I drag raced down the backstretch.  The bottom of turn 4 was still quite wet and I knew being on the outside was the place to be.  Sure enough I could hook up before him and powered to the checkers for a very exciting heat race win.


First Heat Win of 2008, holding off Lowery, Warrenfeltz, and Younker


Unfortunately, that was going to be our shinning moment of the night as we were left with pretty crappy tires for the feature.  We were a rocket the previous week with good tires, but after leading 2 laps of the feature, our old tires had enough and she just wouldn't hook up out of the turns and I knew the checker flag couldn't come soon enough.  After dropping from 1st to 4th, we had our first scare of the night.  'Hollywood' Danny Beavers was hanging the 62 out like a late model through the first few laps and he looked like that was how he was gonna drive it.  He hung it out in the middle of 3 and 4 on Lap 3 and I thought he would get it back and he never did!  At the last second, I turned to the right and missed him by inches.  I think Kevin Keefer and I both went high in the loose stuff and made it past him.  Then, after dropping to about 10th, the 37 and 9K got together mid race right in front of me.  It was heavy contact between the two that sent the 9K spinning wildly in turn 3.  The car started looping and coming back down the track and I puckered up a little bit, but he must of nailed the gas and went back high and we squeezed by on the low side.  After that the only excitement was which Shamrock car would beat the other.  On this night, even down on power and  Bobby whipping Bufurd's tail, he was able to get around us for a 7th place finish.  The Tbird rounded out the top 10 in tenth.


Next week is a regular show and the Pure Stocks have 20 laps and increased purse!  Don and I will need to get the car rescaled and we should be in great shape next week!  I want to thank the Shamrock Inn for the extra fuel this week and Walter Nichols of Walrus Signs and Embroidery for allowing us to borrow his rig for another week!  Also, big thanks to Don for making two trips to the track this weekend and Bobby's crew including Mighty Joe, Farreth, and Jimmy for working on my Ford.


In Car Video:

6/29/08 Feature -Hagerstown, (BUMPER CAM!) started 1st after winning heat, finished 10th.

Thanks Everyone!
#7 Ford Thunderbird PS H-TOWN
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