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Mother Nature Takes Checkers Again

5/17/2008 - Hagerstown - Finished NA - Started NA - 29 cars

Sorry for the late recap, but not much to recap!  Mother nature again took the checkered flag.  The racing was called due to rain after most of the heat races were run.  Our season took some more steps in the right direction though.  We were able to lead four of the five laps in the heat race.  It was tough handing the lead over to my fiercest rival Bobby Taylor, but his Black 3 used more than speed to get past me.  I was really looking forward to lining up beside him in the feature, but it wasn't meant to be as the rains came.  Because the consi races weren't run, the race is a total cancellation with no make up.
This Saturday night has the Shamrock Inn Ford Thunderbird competing in two races- the May 3rd make up and the originally scheduled race.  We are on the pole for the first race of the night.  I found some pretty new tires stashed in the basement and I mounted them up all week so we are going to see if that can help the #7 car stay with the leaders.  The second race should find us on the pole for the heat race as well, so it should be an exciting, competitive night- something we badly need in this tough luck year so far.
I want to send out two very important thank you's this week.  Bob Lipini, owner of the #28 Limited Late Model allowed me to borrow his single car trailer.  Bob is good friends with Jim Boyer Racing and they usually use that trailer to race with.  But with Boyer racing taking the week off, Bob said it would be no problem using the trailer to get our car to the track.  The second thank you goes out to Walter and Heather Nichols who this week have donated their enclosed trailer to tow the Thunderbird in luxury.  Walter and Heather own Walrus Signs and Embroidery and this week have gone above and beyond what a sponsor should do in towing me to the track.  Without the borrowed use of these trailers, we wouldn't be racing.  So again, two big thank you's to Bob Lipini and Walrus Signs for their help.
I got in a bad deal with my trailers- I started racing and purchased a solid single car trailer- the next year I traded that in for a late model trailer which ended up being too large for my truck... at the time my buddy BR Nalley was getting out of racing and said I could use his trailer instead of purchasing a new one and this off season he traded that in on a very nice camper, so I was out of luck.  Steve Kent let me borrow one for the first couple races this year.  So now I am still looking for a more permanent solution and if anyone has a simple, single car trailer for sale or rent or borrow, please let me know.  But again, I truly appreciate the help over the past couple of weeks and I think Walter may even be on board for a bit longer until his racecar is ready.
So thanks again to all my sponsors- it is clear how challenging racing is and it wouldn't be possible without the great people of the Shamrock Inn, VegasRadio.net, Ecolab, SwigerWoodWorks.com, XLR8, and Walrus Signs and Embroidery!  Hopefully with all the bugs shook out and the new tires, we can have a couple solid runs Saturday night!