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Strike 3: Swiger Racing 0-3 in New Year

4/12/2008 - Hagerstown - Finished 22 - Started 13 - 30 cars -

-Photo Gallery-

Bad luck continues as the Thunderbird breaks again.  This week, something in the clutch area let go.  We were able to show off the new paint and decals though.  Through the great photography of Jason Walls and Tiffany Bard, Alisha's painting and Walrus Signs and Embroidery Decals, the car at least looked good as it limped in after lap number one to finish 22nd Saturday night.  Please check out the photo gallery to see some great pictures. (photo gallery is here)

After the last race failures, we spent this week installing a new caliper, rebuilding the carb and finishing the paint and decal job.  Unloading and hitting the track for practice, I kinda felt a problem right away- either something was wrong or I had no forward bite because the rear tires kept slipping.  It got worse as that night went on.  We started 5th in the heat race and at the drop of the green flag is when I knew something was really wrong.  The car jumped sideways and the tires just spun.  We lost a couple of spots, but miraculously  got them back and finished 5th in the heat.

This put us 13th starting the feature.  As we were staging for the race, I couldn't even keep up with the pace truck.  I dropped to the rear of the field just hoping I could take the green flag and get the points and purse.  We started about a 1/2 lap back, but we made the green.  A wreck in turn one even saved us from finishing last.  I pulled in before the restart and ended up 22nd.

My teammate Bobby Taylor started on the pole, dropped to third, the leader broke and Bobby finished second. He drove a heckuva race and made all the Shamrock Inn patrons proud.

Thanks this week goes out to Walter Nichols of Walrus Signs who worked in the pits all night.  Dave Swiger, of SwigerWoodWorks.com also worked down in the pits along with Alisha.  It was a very smooth night, about the smoothest we have had in the pits, until the clutch let go.  So I want to thank them, and the rest of my sponsors- Shamrock Inn, Ecolab, Ricky Edmunds, and VegasRadio.net.  I am really feeling like the 2007 version of Michael Waltrip, but we will get this car turned around, I promise.  Because of the failures this year, we have at least set ourselves up for great starting spots in the heat races and that usually in turn sets you up well for great starting spots in the feature.  So stay with us- we honestly could go from worst to first any week.