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The 2008 Season is Close- Here is the Off-season Update!

1/24/2008 - Upcoming 2008 season taking shape

Hi everyone!

Although the race season just finished in late September, we start back up in about 2 months! Opening night is March 29th at 5:30 PM. I wanted to wish everyone a late Happy Holidays and give a status on the #7 race team's off season. Don and I are well into the off-season to do list- the rear end has been swapped with the new gear and Don has completed the bondo work on the body. The racecar is now back at my garage after being at Don's garage while I built a Saturn motor this fall.

Listed below are the changes to the website and the car for 2008. I am very happy on how the 2008 website turned out- it is a completely new look ( Hopefully it is simple and user friendly. The changes to the car for you gear heads are below as well.

Our sponsors for 2008 include the great companies and great people from last year.  Maureen and Bobby Taylor, owners of the Shamrock Inn are back for a third year now.  Big things are happening at the Shamrock Inn in 2008 including the second annual, two day event- The Shamrock Inn Small Car Nationals in September.  Shamrock Inn will be featured again on the hood and rear quarter panels as our primary sponsor.  Vegas Radio, owned by Buddy and Laura Riser is back on board again this year as well.  The radio station is now fully streamed on the Internet at   Vegas Radio will be featured on the entire rear deck/ trunk area of the racecar.  Walrus signs and Embroidery will again help design and cut our vinyl decals for our sponsors.  We will also hopefully be switching over to their embroidery for items in our online store.  Walrus Signs' decal is featured on the entire rear firewall inside the car.  Finally, we are looking for one last sponsor to round out the 2008 season.  Please click here for more information!  The areas included in this sponsorship are the rear bumper and both doors (between the #7 and rear bumper), as well as advertising on my website.  We are looking to generate around $500 for this sponsorship.  Sponsorship doesn't have to be dollars either- something like 10 gallons of truck gas per race or use of a trailer on race days would work too!  If you are interested, or know someone who might be, I can be contacted at 301-471-7429 or  All of our sponsors can be found on my home page and on the sponsor's page.

Our goals for 2008 are pretty high. We are determined to finish in the top 5 in points and get our first win. So I hope everyone is doing well and I hope to see you guys at the track in 2008. It is our third full year now and hopefully we can contend for many wins and the Points Championship!


Website Changes for 2008

- Completely NEW, overhauled website site.

- Added DVD of race in which we almost won, thanks to Sportsplus DVD!

- Online store is open and working!  #7 Sweatshirt is available too! (

- Website services offered! I have a portfolio that includes 3 sites now (,, and mine). Donnie Smith is scheduled for a site soon. Click on Website Services link for more info. (

- Updated Bio, pulled from 2007 Small Fry Hero Card.

- Multimedia includes in car videos, Vegas Radio interviews, new photo galleries, DVD of June 2nd, and hero cards.


Mechanical Changes for 2008

- replace 6.00 rear gear with a 5.83. Should allow more forward bite, less tire spin, higher top speed.

- remove sponge/foam from fuel cell and switch to PVC pipe to control fuel slosh. Prevents clogged carb.

- replace bent front left lower control arm

- paint inside of car with texture paint

- fix tranny leak, find spare

- replace power steering rack

- replace oil pan/ fix leak

- small leak in radiator

- new fuel filter

- fix rear end leak

- replace bent carb arm

- add more safety bars to windshield

- new trunk and windshield visor

- replace worn power steering reservoir