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Shamrock Inn Racing and Driver Brian Swiger Finish 10th at Winchester 200

10/26/2008 - Winchester - Finished 10th - Started 13th - 18 cars - In Car Video - Slideshow

In Car Video:  10/26/08 Feature 

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(Winchester, VA) The Shamrock Inn Racing Team succeeded in Sunday's running of the Winchester 200 Pure Stock Feature as driver Brian Swiger brought the #3 Chevy Monte Carlo home in tenth. A tight handling car with a short gear worked against the team, but team owner Bobby Taylor and crewmate Skippy were able to load an unscathed car in the hauler to head home to Hagerstown after the race.  In their first start together, Swiger and the Shamrock team were happy with a solid finish at the wild 3/8th mile Winchester Speedway.  Taylor was returning the favor when Swiger let him pilot the #7 Ford Thunderbird in a crucial feature point race at Hagerstown on July 5, 2008 when Taylor had motor issues during qualifying.

Ford Driver Brian Swiger in a Chevy Monte Carlo at Winchester Speedway (10/26/08)


Chevy Driver Bobby Taylor in a Ford Thunderbird at Hagerstown Speedway (7/05/08)

2008 saw it all- a Ford driver in a Chevy and a Chevy driver in a Ford!

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"The Shamrock Inn Racing Chevy Monte Carlo unloaded with a big unknown this weekend- the driver," said Swiger. "With a real wet track useless for practice on Friday, I had to use my heat as practice to feel out Bufurd (Taylor’s pet name for the car)." The team was pretty down after qualifying, but the car was in one piece and Bobby kept the spirits up with driving advice.  Taylor kept saying “Drive her in hard and deep Swigger, and hit the brake and Bufurd will turn then mash the gas.“

The feature was scheduled to be run on Saturday night, but rain forced it to Sunday evening. The heavy rains all day Saturday would make for a fast track Sunday evening. Bobby made an adjustment on the right rear and volunteered his time to do all the tire prep and the car responded.

"I know I went backwards on Friday night and my goal was to win the Lowery's Custom Sawmilling Hard Charger Award on Sunday," continued Swiger. "As soon as the feature started, I knew Bufurd was up to the task- I had myself a rocket!” The race started clean and we went green for the first 5 laps. A pileup on the front stretch brought out the first and only caution, sending two cars to the rear, the #35 and the #83 of VA Nationals winner Bryan Kerns.

The black #3 continued to pick off spots during the next 15 laps. Swiger commented on the handling of the car, “The car was tight middle, it didn’t want to rotate mid corner. I could drive Bufurd in like a mad man, but I would pay the price in the middle of the corners- I had to wait to get back on the gas because the nose was pointed towards the fence. Once the car did rotate though, I was full throttle as the rear end would hook without spinning the tires. The track seems to have a gully between the track banking and the inner burm and I just would put the left side tires in there and the car acted like it was on rail. I am sure the Hagerstown gear hurt us- I can’t imagine a taller gear in Bufurd- we could have had a top 5.”

Swiger took the white flag running in 9th as he battled the last 5 laps with the 07 of Scott Gray. “I went into turn 1 high to cross over and set up a pass on the exit of two and as soon as I did that, the 25 stuck it right under me and I about puked. I wish we had mirrors, I had no idea he was around me. So we had a good race going in 9th, but I wanted 8th and paid the price for it finishing 10th.” For the first time ever, Taylor was pleased by the way he raced, “Swigger, you passed so many cars, I about fell off the truck I was standing on,” he continued, “Bufurd look hooked up, slight push in the center, a rocket off, Brian drove a good race, a lil’ cautious, but done good, I’m proud of him.”

Swiger concluded, “I truly want to thank Bobby and Maureen Taylor for the opportunity to drive their car. This was my last race for a long while and it meant the world to me. Bobby and I are something out of ‘Days of Thunder’ arch rivals who let each other drive their cars. I wish we could have finished a little bit closer to the top 5, but in all honesty, a top 10 with no dents in Bufurd was a perfect night. Over the last 4 years or so, the Shamrock Inn has been there for me unconditionally and this last ride was the greatest gesture and I will never forget it. Bobby and Maureen are just terrific people and I encourage everyone to stop in the Shamrock and strike up a conversation with either of them, you’ll be glad you did. You’ll leave the Shamrock Inn with a smile on your face, I promise.”


#7 Ford Thunderbird PS H-TOWN
#3 Chevy Monte Carlo PS H-TOWN
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