Sponsors of the #28 Ford Thunderbird

Owner: Brian Swiger
XLR8 Autosports
Owner: Steve Kent

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide


Well, we were good early and bad late. We ran second in the heat to #11 Mark Jones, then 11th in the feature. We are still trying to solve the initial choking of the motor and solve the forward bite problem...<more later!> Video is up...

Movin' on up!


Well after last weeks “did not qualify,” it was a pretty lousy week, but I really tried to use that disappoint as a positive to get the car and the driver right.  So Don Sharkey and myself once again busted tail and leaving the house, we thought the car was right ... (more)



Well after a tenth place finish last week at Hagerstown, I was pretty excited for Winchester.  We luckily got to draw pills, but it didn't help me.  Even with the random start, I drew 8th.  Practice was terrible. Pure stocks basically worked in the track, plus ... (more)



Things kinda went according to plan this weekend!  I had a make up feature from April 22nd which was a double point race, and the regularly scheduled feature for Saturday night.  The first feature I stuck to my game plan and that was to just ride... (more)

Wrecked 2 (squared)


I can’t say how hard this week was getting ready to race.  The new motor was picked up on Tuesday and I went to put it in Wednesday night, only to find out the awesome oil pan A & C Racing Engines put on it wouldn’t fit in the car!  It was a 9 qt oil pan and it was just too … <click here for more>

Motor Pulled!


It has been another exhausting week with no racing... another rain out!  This week I changed the chassis setup (increased RF negative camber and changed RR spring) and this weekend I yanked the motor preparing for the new one this week and built this web site.  Another neat picture is what I did with the transmission.  During the off-season, I installed a drive shaft safety hoop and I made great use of it tonight... the tranny sat right on it!

Before... After


It has been an exhausting three weeks, but the Thunderbird is ready to rock and roll again.  After the wreck three weeks ago, the T-Bird was fixed enough to race last weekend, but mother nature only allowed us to get qualifying in and the race was postponed until May 6th.

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