Bobby Taylor (also known as Earnhardt) became interested in racing as a small child through the influence of his Step-Dad, Raymond Kincheloe, and his interests in NASCAR.  As a child he would go to Bristol and watch the races since it was very close to where he was raised as a child in the mountains of Virginia (White Top Mountain).   

He has raced go-karts for 8 years.  He was Track Champion at State line Speedway in Va.  He  raced WKA State and National Championship races series, which included Daytona, FL, Margarettesville Raceway in NC, Beechnut Race Way in TN, Capital City Speedway, Amelia Raceway in VA, Shippensburg Speedway, Hunterstown Raceway, Seling Grove,  and Silver Spring Speedway in Pa. 

In 2005, he started racing at Hagerstown Speedway in the pure stock division.  He only raced half of the year.  He purchased his 1987 Monte Carlo and made it the Number 3 car after Dale Earnhardt Sr.  It was a trial and error year with a lot of learning on how to set up your car, getting the staggering of the wheels correctly and etc. 

In 2006, he finished in 7th place in points missing the first race due to a death in the family.  He had been consistent in racing and still learning about the car.  He had named his car at this point Buford. 

In 2007, he is currently in 5th place in points.  He is known this year as the “Intimidator” after Dale Earnhardt.  Earlier this year he had totaled his car due to the throttle sticking and hit the guardrail totaling the car.  He had the front end rebuilt and with a lot of work, he  was able to make it to his next race within two weeks. 

Bobby’s goals are to win a race.  He has been so close.  He will continue to race Hagerstown Speedway, and maybe one day win the Pure Stock Championship!


Driver: Bobby Taylor 

Home: Clear Spring, MD

Born: August 11, 1959

Age: 48 

Height: 5’7 

Weight: 155 lbs 

Business: Shamrock Inn